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Today's Word at Work:


Word at Work October 20, 2014

Scripture: Luke 22:35,36

In Luke 22:35,36, Jesus was leaving the Upper Room and heading to Gethsemane. He was making a transition from the Priestly ministry to the Kingly ministry. What did He say, “Sell your garment and buy a sword.” Our covenant has two sides, Priestly and Kingly. Have we bought our sword? Look at the church today – do we see David’s sword in the hands of believers? Do we see Abijah’s sword in the hands of believers today? Has the church learned to transition from the Priestly to the Kingly so we can represent both sides of Christ? Leaders have to take this word into their hearts and put it into the ears of the church. The time to learn to represent the Judicial Christ in prayer is now.

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