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Today's Word at Work:


Word at Work May 23, 2015

Scripture: Judges 1:4-7

Judges 1:4-7 says, “Then Judah went up, and the Lord delivered the Canaanites and the Perizzites into their hand; and they killed ten thousand men at Bezek. And they found Adoni-Bezek in Bezek, and fought against him; and they defeated the Canaanites and the Perizzites. Then Adoni-Bezek fled, and they pursued him and caught him and cut off his thumbs and big toes. And Adoni-Bezek said, ‘Seventy kings with their thumbs and big toes cut off used to gather scraps under my table; as I have done, so God has repaid me.’ Then they brought him to Jerusalem, and there he died.” It is obvious what God’s standard of judgment is. Adoni-Bezek had a habit of cutting off the thumbs and toes of those he conquered. And what did God do to him? “Then they brought him to Jerusalem, and there he died…” with his thumbs and big toes cut off. Muslims that says yes to the jihad in the Koran had better get ready for God to execute jihad against them. That is how the real King of Kings and Lord of Lords works. His judgment is according to His Word.

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