March 2006 Outcry
March 1, 2006
May 2006 Outcry
May 1, 2006

April 2006 Outcry

Watching our nation grapple with national security is causing me to relive some of my Viet Nam war experience. The satisfaction that comes from wearing Navy Dress Whites with a sword at your side and gold wings on your chest, because you love your country enough to die for it, can never be taken away! This sentiment which most of us who serve carry seems to be that of a definite decreasing minority.
As a member of the American Military on active duty, I will never forget the betrayal I felt from the treasonous actions of Tom Hayden, Jane Fonda and John Kerry. Say what you want, believe what you want, but it happened on my watch. I was there in Da Nang (30 days on, 30 days off) when their words and actions became a traitorous knife in the heart of every soldier!

Forgiveness sets us free from the pain but it does not erase the treasonous act’s consequences. A war that was won on the battlefield was lost by traitors and their media friends as we pulled out. It is happening again!

Although that was in the early 70’s, it was my first introduction to the danger of the enemy within. When the enemy within grows to the place where they, through the help of the media, influence the debate about our own security, we are in danger of further dramatic attacks! The real war is for public opinion. The traitors of thirty plus years ago have gained allies in public education and on university campuses.

What is the church to do? The triumphal entry contains a prophetic pattern for what should turn out to be a great end-time harvest. The preparation for the triumphal entry required two generations according to Matthew 21:7, "They brought the donkey and the colt, laid their clothes on them, and set Him on them." The older generation had a major discipling burden – their job was to prepare by example an unbroken generation to obey when called. Will we succeed? What we do and say teaches more than where or how often we go to church. Will the real Christians please stand up!