July 2006 Outcry
July 1, 2006
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September 1, 2006

August 2006 Outcry

As we consider what to do about the illegal invasion that continues unabated, I am struck by the hostile and confrontational attitude of those demanding citizenship.  Many openly state their intentions of returning California to its “rightful” owners (according to them), Mexico.  Consider the entirely different attitude of this poem written by an alien who came to this country forty years ago and attained citizenship legally!

I thank you for this country, Lord
It’s been so good to me
It always stood for me and mine
For truth and liberty
For people were so friendly
When I landed on this shore
They could not do enough for me
They could not love me more
It has been 40 years or so
And now I hate to say
Things have changed here for the worse
I see it every day
So many have forgotten You
And live a life of sin
This land I fell in love with, now
Is crumbling from within
So many turned their backs
On you — and all Your love
We need Your interference, Lord
Some guidance from above
You said that if enough of us
Would bend our knees and pray
And turn around from wickedness
And seek Your face today
Then You would hear us calling You
Forgive our corporate sin
And Your would gladly heal our land
And all of us within
So please held all Your children here
Be brave and true and strong
So we can be a ray of light
To all this godless throng
For if more people turn to You
Then all of them would see
This country change and be once more
The land of brave and free
(II Chron 7:14)
Mary Weyer
July 2, 2006