April 2007 Outcry
April 1, 2007
June 2007 Outcry
June 1, 2007

May 2007 Outcry

It is always good when we win a victory. The Supreme Court’s willingness to uphold the partial Birth Abortion Ban marks such a season and demands a thanksgiving offering. Psalm 106:1-3 says, “Praise the LORD! Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. Who can utter the mighty acts of the LORD? Who can declare all His praise? Blessed are those who keep justice, And he who does righteousness at all times!”

We can all thank God for this decision, but there are other issues for which we must continue to demand covenantal justice. The voice of 45,000,000 aborted children cries out for justice against the land. The number of gun-related workplace shootings recently at places like Virginia Tech remind us of God’s prohibitions and the price of violation. Nearly a decade ago, the Lord said to me, “No nation can kill the children they don’t want and simultaneously protect the children they do want.”

Jesus bought and paid for our covenantal right to demand biblical justice when individuals pollute the land to the point it is filled with iniquity and demands judgment. Moses, through intercession, saved his nation twice by averting judgment. Each time, the perpetrating parties had to face eternal justice. Intercession can save the land by satisfying God’s justice.

The Lord seems ready to hear a heart-cry for justice by answering the church. Are we ready to cry as David did for the “cutting off” of perpetrating parties? Five Supreme Court Justices qualify for such prayers based on their contribution to upholding Roe v. Wade: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, John Paul Stevens, David Hackett Souter, Stephen Breyer, and Anthony Kennedy. While we are thankful for the progress made, we still shoulder the intercessory responsibility of asking for God’s intervention.

May the Lord bless and quickly answer our prayers that the avalanche of looming devastation may yet be averted. Reaping the fruit of what past generations have sown in the life and death of children is grievous to the core.