July 2007 Outcry
July 1, 2007
September 2007 Outcry
September 1, 2007

August 2007 Outcry

When the church becomes passive concerning evil we can quickly cede ground to the enemy and potentially lose the nation. The church at Thyatira found themselves at just such a place at Revelation 2:18-20. The Greek word translated “allow” is eh-ah-o, meaning “to tolerate, peacefully co-exist, refuse to restrain, or a failure to maintain a barrier against.” Our culture has been bitten by a venomous demonic serpent, and the venom is paralyzing the church in its’ voice against evil inundating the nation.

I’m not suggesting public demonstrations, but a private prayer assault, where the believing Christians take a stand. They must covenantal demand God’s justice, manifest against the agents of darkness promoting perversion and a culture of death, damaging and defiling the land.

Elijah prayed judgment against the enemy during the reign of Ahab and Jezebel, shutting off rain essential to the crop production. The prophets of Baal were destroyed after God answered by fire. For two generations God answered Elijah by fire when he faced political and governmental persecution. We can’t expect god to answer by fire if we never ask for it!

David refused to tolerate evil even when spoken by his own wife Michal. He was the very first recipient of the covenant of “sure mercy,” and exhibits how to use it covenantal in Psalms 43:12. When we invoke the covenant of “sure mercy” on the land, we ask God to “cut off” the proponents of evil defiling it. Expect God to answer by fire. He is no respecter of persons. And James 5 exhorts that we are believers just like him with the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous prevailing. The context is when we need judgment to save the land. God answered Elijah, why shouldn’t he answer us?