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May 27, 2017
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May 27, 2017

Swinging The Rod Of Iron


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This series comes from meeting done in Colorado Springs. We have had many, many inquires about how to pray Judicially. Swinging the Rod of Iron is a series where we teach how to take Scripture and apply it in the current problems facing the nation. It addresses how to swing the Rod of Iron in a way that complies with the Word. Sometimes an example is worth a thousand words.

This series is the second installment on what was begun last year in Colorado Springs where the Lord said, “Commission my people to walk and represent Me as a King” (called “Commissioning the Kingly Christ”). It is the second half of the commissioning where physical Rods of Iron were passed out and people were prayed over and taught how to swing them in prayer. When it comes to applying the Judicial Christ in prayer, this series definitely shows you how.

This series has four messages.

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