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Today's Word at Work:


Word at Work July 31, 2015

Scripture: Exodus 15:1-15

What have we learned about God? He is a Man of War and He is a God who judges in order to save. And there are seasons where, as a Man of War, He goes to battle and He kills. Mercy for His people sometimes means killing the enemy. Out of God’s dealing with Egypt, we learn that covenant mercy to save the Israelites meant death to the Egyptians. The Israelites would not have been saved if God did not move forward to kill the Egyptians. Let us ask ourselves, in order for God to save the church, might He have to kill members of Isis? In order for God to save the church, are there judges, senators or perhaps even presidents who have to be removed? Do we have leaders that, like Pharaoh, have so hardened their hearts that the only thing that will save believers is their removal? This is the time and place to start praying! God does not have a problem judging in order to save. Since Exodus, has God changed? Is He not the same yesterday, today and forever? If He is, then there is a whole different dimension of representing Him that the church has to come into. Let’s say yes to God’s direction when He calls on us to make a judicial stand against evil!

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