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January 30, 2011
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January 31, 2011

February 2011 Outcry

I watched the State of the Union address and was struck by the gracious appeal to unify, and not refight the divisive battles of the past. Syrupy sweet and eloquent was the appeal! My first thought was admiration for a conciliatory gesture. A nuclear treaty that benefits the Russians and weakens our nation is now in place. Removing “don’t ask, don’t tell,” can only bring downhill acceleration to the military. Politicians have forced perversion to be accepted in the armed forces. I couldn’t help but wonder if Achan were a politician would God negotiate.

Would God accept such an appeal from Achan, after defiling the army of Israel with His sin? How many soldiers will die because they can no longer stand before their enemies with this blatant spitting in God’s face by authorizing and promoting what even the grace-filled New Testament states is behavior worthy of death! How would the apostles respond to this plea for unity? Does God unite with evil or confront it? Does God unite with evil practices or judge them?

We all want to be redemptive offering salvation to everyone caught in a hopeless, destructive lifestyle. Our great message is salvation and redemption but what do we do with open rebellion against God’s Word? What did Paul do with it? Did the apostles compromise with evil or judge it? Is there a way to be gracious and yet warn the rebellious at the same time? Based on Paul’s actions, I would say there is both a redemptive and judicial path to be walked.

I see Paul responding with both a redemptive plea and a guarantee of divine intervention based on his actions with the false prophet and dealings with ungodly kings like Felix. I believe Paul might warn our politicians with a statement like, “Please Mr. President repent and change your promotion of homosexuality. I want to see your presidency be a success. Please do not make me pray that God will remove you from office like He did with Herod! Why should the Lord give you to flesh-eaters like He did Herod? If you refuse to repent, I have no choice but to pray against you as David prayed against God’s enemies. I desire your success but your actions are forcing God’s Hand. Once the angel is dispatched, it may well be too late to recover.

From this point on, my hands are innocent of your fate for in prayer I place you in the Hands of the Living God! Our generation is far from Paul and the fire he exhibited is only in the process of being recovered but when it is, the fear of the Lord will fall on every politician! Come Lord Jesus!