Word at Work May 8, 2011
May 8, 2011
Nashville, TN
May 9, 2011

Word at Work May 9, 2011

Scripture: Luke 15:14-25

It is interesting to note the transitions in the parable of the prodigal as the young son departs in joy with money. He wastes all of his goods and falls into adversity. He looks for a job but he cannot find one to support his lifestyle. He finally humbles himself to the lowest position where he is willing to eat what he is feeding the pigs. In that place of adversity, he comes to his senses and makes a choice: he will return to his father and openly repent. When he does, he is accepted and his father shows him his value. If there is a place where the church has missed it, it is here. We have not accepted the value of who we are in Christ by walking accordingly. There is a reason why Jesus paid the price for us. There is value in us, and especially when we walk true. Once being true to God is restored, then the relationship with the father can be restored and the young son has access to everything that the father has. The power of dealing with crooked places is the power to access all that God has. There is a reason to walk in holiness. There is a reason to be true to the Most High. The reason is, we get to access the full power of the Throne to pray judicially and powerfully when it is needed. Is it not time we made a choice to live this way?