Anointing to Spoil
July 8, 2011
Word at Work July 10, 2011
July 10, 2011

Word at Work July 9, 2011

Scripture: Acts 13:6-11

In Acts 13:6-11 we find Paul and Barnabus sent out on their apostolic mission and initially they face resistance from a sorcerer named Elymas. Elymas attempted to prevent their assignment. As a result Paul proclaimed judgment and declared the Hand of the Lord on Elymas to make him blind. The proconsul believed when he saw the teaching of the Lord. Why was God ready to blind a false prophet for Paul? Will God blind our enemies? Judicial prayer worked on Herod. Should it not be released against our persistent enemies who are determined to destroy the land by filling it with iniquity! “Avenge Me of My enemy,” should be shouted by the church.