Word at Work May 9, 2013
May 9, 2013
Word at Work May 11, 2013
May 11, 2013

Word at Work May 10, 2013

Scripture: Romans 1:21

Romans 1:21a says, “…because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God,…” Step 1 in creating a breach in any nation, any place, any time, is when people openly, knowingly and repeatedly refuse to obey God’s Word. They knew God, but they refused to obey God. The 1972 Supreme Court decision to remove prayer from schools is a perfect example of Step 1. Things have gone downhill for this nation ever since. Romans 1:21b begins with, “…nor were thankful,…” The second thing the Supreme Court did was they disallowed any religious displays on public property, as if public property was somehow not financed by Christian people. In utter denial of the heritage of America, the Supreme Court made this decision. If there was ever a group deserving of the wrath of God, it is certain members of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has created more breaches and gaps than any other organization in America. And those breaches have hastened the filling of the cup of iniquity. Until the church steps up into their judicial authority, nations will continue to have organizations like the Court create breaches. Adversity and destruction will continue to flow to the nation until we, as the believing church, pray justice on the perpetrators. “Give place to wrath” means create a path by prayer to the front door of the perpetrator! Only try it if you are led by the Spirit and serious about saving the nation!