Word at Work May 4, 2013
May 4, 2013
Word at Work May 5, 2013
May 5, 2013

Word at Work May 14, 2013

Scripture: Romans 1:24-30

Step 7 in the nations slide to seeing the full measure of the wrath of God is the emergence of legalizing homosexual marriage. When the nation begins to reel under the impact of God-haters then we know that God’s wrath is very close. Do we have God-haters in America today? Yes, we absolutely do. Hate-speech laws have been passed that make the undiluted preaching and practicing of the Bible potentially illegal. For a minister to say to a homosexual partnership, “I will not marry you because our Bible says homosexuality is sin and is abhorrent to the Living God.” For him to cite Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13 or 1 Corinthians 6:9 as reason for refusing to join two men or two women in a biblical marriage before God, he or the church could find themselves sued under hate-speech “discrimination” laws. One political party has frequently supported the position of God-haters and they currently rule the nation. Passing homosexual marriage means lawsuits for the local churches, and potential jail for our Bible-obedient pastors. God-haters are alive and well and have the support of a major political party. They are set on even changing school curriculums for the youngest children to require teachers to positively mention and affirm homosexuality. They want even our youngest kids indoctrinated with a doctrine of “tolerance” which is polar opposite to the Word of God. Homosexuality is a lifestyle that guarantees the filling of the cup of iniquity and the wrath of God on the nation. Where is the church standing in the gap, praying the judicial Hand of God on every promoter? Give place to wrath, create a path!