April 9th Day of Prayer

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April 9th Day of Prayer

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April 9, 2016

On April 9th, thousands of leaders are gathering at the Lincoln Memorial to pray for the nation at an event called United Cry. Simultaneously in Los Angeles, Asuza Now, led by Lou Engle is crying out for national restoration! Since we know the King, I suggest we join in judicial prayer on that day, decreeing Psalm 143, which is what David prayed when He lost Jerusalem and Israel to the betrayal of Absalom.

For both Democrats and Republicans, our politicians have betrayed us, so we have a lot in common with David when He prayed Psalm 143. The Septuagint, Vulgate, Ethopic & Arabic texts all state this Psalm was written by David when Absalom took Jerusalem. David outnumbered and on the run prayed Ps 143 and secured God’s intervention recovering the nation!

Let God Arise & His enemies be scattered like fertilizer over the Land as a testimony to the dominion of the King! Let us, like King David, “Pursue and recover all”!

In the Sure Mercies of David,

Al Houghton