Word at Work November 13, 2016

Scripture: Judges 16-17

In Judges 16-17, we find the failure of Samson and the redemption at the end of his life. Samson gave into Delilah and as a result she cut his hair, he lost his great strength and his eyes were put out. He was put in prison as a Philistine trophy, grinding grain. But his hair began to grow and as his hair grew, he began to cry out to the Lord to give him one more victory. And the Lord did, and Samson killed more in his death than he did in his life. But his sin was very costly because he only got to lead Israel for 20 years and part of that time he was in captivity among the enemy. God redeemed Samson’s call but Samson forfeited half of his rulership. We need to learn from these men so we do not make their mistakes.

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