Word at Work November 2, 2016

Scripture: Hebrews 11:30-31

Hebrews 11:30-32 says, “By faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they were encircled for seven days. By faith the harlot Rahab did not perish with those who did not believe, when she had received the spies with peace.” Jericho was the very first city they were to capture in the Promised Land. And they had to wait on God and find out what to do. They were instructed to march around the city of Jericho one time a day, and do it for six straight days. And on the seventh day, they would march around seven times. And at the end of the seventh time, they would blow on the trumpet. It is obvious that faith starts with finding out what God wants to do and then, in obedience, doing it. Faith is first applied on our flesh. When God gives us instruction to do something seemingly crazy or practically impossible, our flesh usually resists following that instruction. Our mind questions it, our friends may question it, our bank account may question it. But when it is what the Lord is leading us to do, then we have to apply our faith on our own flesh to obey. If we can do that, we can frame the world in which we live with the Word. If not, we have to pass it on to another generation, and perhaps they will walk in the fulfillment. When God says, “Shout,” we shout and victory is ours!

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