Word at Work December 23, 2016

Scripture: Matthew 21:1-7, Luke 19:28-31

In Matthew 21, we see the picture of the triumphal entry in which Jesus is sitting on the donkey and the colt. We also notice here that the colt has never been broken. It is obvious that it is the attitude of the colt that allows God to accept the brokenness of the parent as payment for the participation of the colt. Because the colt was willing to walk with the donkey and do as the donkey did, they both got to carry Jesus into Jerusalem. It was the attitude of the colt that allows him to participate. The attitude of the younger generation makes it possible to either gain or forfeit what the previous generation bought and paid for but have not yet seen. This is a picture of how the younger generation can gain what the older generation paid for. They have to listen, hear and accept what the previous generation spent their lives believing for but did not see in fullness. Then and only then will God give them that fullness. Otherwise they will forfeit what the previous generation paid for.

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