Word at Work December 30, 2016

Scripture: Joel 2:26

Joel 2:26 says, “You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, And praise the name of the Lord your God, Who has dealt wondrously with you; And My people shall never be put to shame.” The Hebrew word translated “wondrously” is paw-law which means, ‘to go beyond the bounds of human role or agency.’ When the locusts finish their work, the paw-law of God begins to happen. A paw-law or ‘wonder’ is something that you and I are incapable of performing. God promised Abraham and Sarah a son even though they were well passed age. They were in a position where it was impossible to perform it. Only God could resurrect Sarah’s womb and He did. Genesis 18:12-14 states, Sarah laughed within herself saying, “Therefore Sarah laughed within herself, saying, “After I have grown old, shall I have pleasure, my lord being old also?” And the Lord said to Abraham, ‘Why did Sarah laugh, saying, “Shall I surely bear a child, since I am old?” Is anything too hard/paw-law for the Lord? At the appointed time I will return to you, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.’” Paw-law is the fulfillment of a promise that is beyond our ability to do. And God says it is a part of overcoming the locusts. So if God does not bring to pass His promises to us during our lifetime, we get to participate in paying the price of the paw-law for some generation to follow! May we all get to see it!

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