Word at Work March 19, 2017

Scripture: Isaiah 28:12

Verse 12 says, “To whom He said, ‘This is the rest with which You may cause the weary to rest,’ And, ‘This is the refreshing’; Yet they would not hear.” Tongues is the refreshing that causes the weary to rest. Every person needs rest and every person needs refreshing. God says one important way He sends it to His people is through tongues. If the Lord sends it through tongues, we have to take it in the package He sends it. We must not reject it simply because we do not like the package or we find it offensive. Are we going to take it in the package that God sends or are we going to demand it come in some manner we are comfortable with? If we are not using it we are either ignoring Scripture or prioritizing other endeavors as more important. This verse also says “…they would not hear.” God sent all of this developmental-growth blessing in a package that is strange or offensive to some and causes people to question its value. It is hard for our natural minds to see the value of tongues. That is likely the reason why Scripture says, “…yet they would not hear.” God is saying that tongues is one of the most valuable blessings He has ever sent but He sent it in a package that is a real test to the flesh. Our flesh may not see the value of tongues, but God says there is great value, and we need to take Him at His Word! There is truly an element of faith here that requires we move forward and receive His blessings through faith and in spite of any discomfort or objections.

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