Word at Work March 24, 2017

Scripture: Luke 16:14

Luke 16:14 says, “Now the Pharisees, who were lovers of money, also heard all these things, and they derided Him.” We do not have to go far through Scripture to find out where people stand on the yardstick of God. He tells us right here and gives us the first application right in the passage. The Pharisees were the ones who were disqualified. Where was the promise? They were consistently teaching and doing only the superficial and what personally benefited them in the natural. Consequentially, they missed discerning the hour of their visitation! It is critical that we be positioned for what God is about to pour out. The Holy Spirit reveals His signs to those who humble themselves and become doers of the Word. The believers of God who act upon and are obedient to the Word are the ones who discern the times. If we have been affected by tradition and Phariseeism, the time to overcome it is now! Let us shake off and jettison old mindsets and pursue the mind of Christ by praying in the Spirit every single day. We accrue eternal fruit when we discern the times by having the humility and perseverance necessary to use our prayer language and do the Word!

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