Word at Work April 10, 2017

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 14:3-4

1 Corinthians 14:4 says that when we speak in a tongue we edify ourselves. “Edify” is oy-kod-om-eh-o, and it means, ‘To inhabit a house, to establish the foundation, to repair or rebuild that house based on what it needs.’ Will tongues square a foundation? Yes! Will tongues rebuild what is broken in a house? Yes! Will tongues repair what is damaged? Yes! It is obvious from scripture that we need to pray in tongues. If we do not, we end up living in a broken down house. It is expedient to rebuild according to God’s wisdom for exactly what is needed for our particular situation and for the season in which we live. In our current culture much of the church is powerless. Why is the church powerless? Many do not do the Word! For the most part many do not pray in tongues and many want to argue saying tongues is optional and we do not need it. The condition of the church in the nation proves that the Holy Spirit and His gift of tongues are not optional. Is it possible that the laziness and slackness in this area may in part account for the curse that is on the nation and the condition of darkness that is threatening our land? Isn’t it time we start doing God’s Word and not just hear it only? Isn’t it time we really acted on it? Isn’t it time we started praying in the Spirit until God changes crucial things in this nation? There is a revolution brewing and wouldn’t we hate to spend our time in slumber or on the sidelines!

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