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May 27, 2017
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God’s Judicial Triggers


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“God’s Judicial Triggers” comes from the 2014 of our annual Axios conference done at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, in Kilauea, HI. Biblical prohibited boundaries which are crossed by a culture and or its leaders become judicial triggers that release the judgment of God. Psalm 74:17 says, “You have set all the borders(boundaries) of the earth;…” Because God has set the boundaries of the earth God’s judicial triggers explores each biblical boundary that when man crosses, guarantees divine intervention. This series is enlightening because it shows the judicial Christ in the last days ready to move in partnership with the needs of the church as they are expressed in intercession. God’s mercy and salvation are the result of those believers who pray judgment on the perpetrators of evil. Moving God’s Hand judicially can dramatically alter the harvest and this series is essential in understanding how to function with the Judicial Christ in the last days!

This series has six messages.

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