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May 27, 2017
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May 27, 2017

Living Out Of Your Heavenly Account


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The Lord spoke to me saying, ‘You have a Heavenly Account. Would you like to know how to make a withdrawal?’ I said yes, and thought I would get a revelation that day. But two full years later, the Lord began to give me the keys of making a withdrawal out of that account. Matthew made it clear, “Do not lay up for yourself treasure on earth where moth and rust destroy. But lay up for yourself treasure in Heaven.”

Jesus taught that we have a heavenly account and we can live out of it. The series is a look at the practical application of walking with the Lord and procreating with Him as He imparts to us His will, His purpose and His plan – and releases us to call it into existence. Living Out Of Your Heavenly Account describes how to live by faith and that is one of the greatest privileges God ever gave man. It is very sad when we see members of the church who know little or nothing about this dimension of developing a relationship with the King of Kings. Living by faith is perhaps the most exciting thing that we can ever do with God. The principles that enable us to live out of our heavenly account guarantee that we will be able to speak what God gives us to say because our source is ultimately Him. Walking Judicially demands living by faith!

This series has three teachings.

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